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2014-10-21 15:25:24
this lesson is wonderful...
2014-01-29 12:52:07
the below command worked for me attrib -s -h *.* /S /D thanks a lot...
2014-01-27 20:40:13

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HowTo: Restore Files Hidden by Virus on Windows 7
09 January 2011
How-to, Tutorials
HowTo: Restore Files Hidden by Virus on Windows 7
I recently had a challenge of recovering lots of folders hidden by a virus on a drive. Some virus always hide files and folders in an external drive and create a new folder with an extension like .exe, .lnk and so on just to fake users to a malicious act. The truth is, most anti-virus will detect this virus and remove it, but it doesn't return or restore the files and folders hidden by the virus. This is the 'headache spot'! A guy came to me asking how he can get his files & folders back after performing a virus scan on his external drive. I answered him: that's simple, just make sure you have 'Show hidden files, folder, and drives' checked under Folder Options->View->Hidden files and folders. Then go to the folder property and uncheck hidden.
To enable “Administrator” account on w…
11 January 2011
How-to, Tutorials
To enable “Administrator” account on w…
To enable "Administrator" account on windows: Open command prompt(START MENU -> RUN. Type CMD and press enter) and type in this command: net user administrator /active:yes To disable: net user administrator /active:no
Useful Tools For Your Tweets
19 September 2010
How-to, Tutorials
Useful Tools For Your Tweets